Alex Rübel, Director of the Zoo Zürich

Dr Alex Rübel, a veterinarian by training, has been the director of the Zoo Zürich since 1991. During this period, the role and model of the Zoo Zürich and other zoos around the world has changed strongly. For one part, there has been a shift towards an ecosystem view, showing the public how species integrate in their natural environments instead of isolated in a cage. In addition, the educational mission became increasingly connected with active conservation efforts both inside and outside the walls of the zoos.

Since 1995, the Zoo Zürich has been involved in the protection and recovery of Madagascar’s wildlife, which includes a strong support of and involvement with the Masoala National Park in Madagascar. Several related projects, focused on the park itself and on the local communities around it, have been carried out in the region with local and international partners (as detailed in our profiles or in the Zoo's project page).

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