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From Desert to Paradise


REFORESTATION WORLD is a meeting place for reforestation organisations worldwide and their supporters. We want to connect those who see the problem of desertification and forest degradation, and are fighting for healthy ecosystems and sustainable human livelihoods.

Our work has a clear focus on the UN Sustainable Development Goal 15: Life on Land but links to several others. Since forests are a irreplaceable basis for many essential services and values, a positive work on this goal can directly impact other important dimensions.

We work by raising awareness about forest restoration efforts worldwide. As such, we present organisations engaged with local communities to restore forest ecosystems and promote sustainable land management and livelihood approaches. Through our website and public activities, we want to encourage potential supporters to learn more about these efforts. In addition, we share relevant knowledge and perspectives between professionals and non-specialists with an interest in these topics.

The organisations presented here are added to our website for free, after our team reviews their work and overall transparency. We invite you to discover, share and support their work.


In short interviews, our section “Voices” brings different perspectives from people with a long experience in restoring nature and creating a new balance with human activities in different parts of the world.

Robin Chazdon and Sarah Wilson are two researchers with a long experience in ecological restoration and conservation. Their work links academia and practice across a wide range of ecosystems and human systems, keeping an holistic perspective on different approaches, opportunities and issues.
The father of one of the most impactful reforestation techniques shares his decade-long experience on how to get farmer communities to succcessfully regrow - not plant - millions of trees.
Learnings from the Zoo's experience with reforestation efforts and community involvement in Madagascar.

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Partnerships & Collaborations

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Sustinova is a non-profit organisation based in Zurich, Switzerland, and devoted to promoting Sustainability in the NGO area.

As a partner, Sustinova provides operational support to Reforestation World in its public activities.

ETH Zurich - Chair of Ecosystem Management

The Chair of Ecosystem management at the ETH Zürich organised the Latsis Symposium ETH 2018 “Scaling-up forest Restoration”, on June 6-7 & 9, 2018.

Reforestation World collaborated with the link to NGOs, practitioners and others stakeholders in the field of forest restoration.