About Us

Who we are

REFORESTATION WORLD started as a private initiative, dedicated to the promotion of forest restoration efforts worldwide and the support of practical actions.

Since 2021, we are a non-profit association registered in Zurich, Switzerland, with a tax-exempt status.

We are active both locally and abroad, together with a network of project members and others who see the problem of forest degradation and are actively working for thriving ecosystems and sustainable human livelihoods.

The original Reforestation World sticker, hand-painted by the founder of this initiative, tries to inspire people for a vibrant and positive vision of life.
The sticker is usually distributed at our events. If you’re interested in having one, be sure to check our announcements and join us!

Our results so far:

24 project partners, vetted by our team, active in 20 countries with local communities.
24’625 Trees funded by us and planted by our partners, respecting local biodiversity.
Over 6’500 people reached with our events in Switzerland, and partly involved in our choice of projects funded.

Our work

Our work has a clear focus on the UN Sustainable Development Goal 15: Life on Land , while linking to several others.

Forests are a pillar of life and crucial habitats for countless species. From remote forests to urban settings, they also provide us with essential eco-services that support the basis of our civilization – our food production systems and our infrastructure – all of this for free !

Goals & approach

Our overall goal is the restoration and expansion of healthy forests ecosystems, to reverse the dramatic loss and degradation caused during the last 100 years and promote a sustainable integration with human activities.

Our primary objectives are:
  1. Raise awareness about forest restoration efforts worldwide and support practical actions, which are accessible, science-based and accountable.
  2. Be a meeting place between restoration organisations and other stakeholders such as academia, corporations, public institutions and – importantly – the general public.
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To support us

With a donation or a yearly membership, you can support our overall work and also sponsor our project members with a specific number of plants.

Corporate sponsorships are also possible, after a review.

We would like to hear about your preferences or questions. Please contact us at donors@reforestationworld.org.

Donations & Memberships

Donations to REFORESTATION WORLD are tax deductible within Switzerland, following the official tax-exemption granted by the authorities of the Canton of Zurich (official page here, in German). More details at the bottom of this page.

You can also become a member of our association, as a way to support our work. Details and registration below.

* For Project Partners

If you want to register a project in our platform, please complete the form here, to start our review process. The process has no costs, but requires some internal information to be disclosed to our team. Only approved projects can be listed on our platform and become eligible for financial support from us.

The association

“REFORESTATION WORLD” is an association according to Art. 60 of the Swiss Civil Code.

As defined in its statutes, the purpose of the association is the promotion of (re)forestation and the protection of forests worldwide.

The association supports only non-profit projects. It does not pursue commercial or self-help purposes and does not seek profit. Further, it has no political or religious affiliations.

The Board of the Association is led by Mrs Verena Guran-Fierz, the founder of Reforestation World.

The main office is led by Mr Paulo Morais Zulliger.


The current version of the statutes can be read here.

Yearly reports:

Yearly reports and other relevant public information are listed below, or announced in our News section.