Make it Greener!

Native berry bushes for the Silberweide Nature Station, Greifensee (ZH)

Start Date & Time: 29/04/2023 10:00 am

End: 29/04/2023 6:00 pm

Reforestation World is sponsoring the renovation of endemic hedge plants at the Station, as part of a special weekend of activities to celebrate the International Day of Forests.

Registration directly with the Naturstation (external link)

Restoration, Switzerland

The location:

The Silberweide Nature Station offers a great way to experience and learn more about the nature around the Lake Greifensee, in part through the trail inside the station. One of the highlights of the trail is the “feeding hedge”, which is composed of various native berry bushes and has a great ecological value: hedges are important networking elements in the landscape and a valuable habitat for many animals, insects and birds.

This hedge provides food for many species of birds, insects and animals and is regularly used for environmental education. Reforestation World is sponsoring 5 more plants to the Nature Station to extend it further. The bushes will be planted at Reforestation World’s “Draw a tree, we’ll plant it!” event at the Silberweide.

The station has a nice café, a great playground for kids, picnic area and toilet facilities. Parking places are available next to the station. Travel with bike or bus is recommended.

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