Forest News #23

This month we start with a few internal updates and then move on to carbon markets and offsets, which are meant to help us reach a low-carbon society and avoid the worst of climate change..

Forest News #22

This month we talk about urban forests and green infrastructure, or why and how cities are changing and becoming greener. We start with an inspiring video and then cover different examples around the world. To close off, two extra videos about how trees can (or cannot) help with climate change.

Forest News #21

This month: after 5 years as a private initiative, Reforestation World is now a non-profit association, registered in Switzerland. We briefly talk about our past work and future plans. In addition, the video above and a short comment on the recent COP26 bring some perspective on the larger context for restoration initiatives. Enjoy the read and have a good start in the new year!

Forest News #20

This is a special issue of Forest News! Against the backdrop of these last 18 months, we decided to go on a longer reflexion about why restoration is a process of change, and why change is such a challenge for us. It’s a longer Summer read, with several videos, so be sure to check it. We hope you enjoy it!

Forest News #19

This month: news from our network, tapping into big data and tackling gender equality issues in restoration. Enjoy the read!

Forest News #18

This month we look at how forest restoration might benefit – but also be strongly challenged – by the current large-scale measures being proposed in the wake of the pandemic crisis. Do we risk missing the forest for the trees? We also take a quick look at the rewilding movement, before closing with a suggested online course. Read on!

Forest News #17

Will the current pandemic change our relation to nature, society and the climate change discussion? This month we dive into some of the many aspects influenced by the current global crisis and possible implications in restoration and conservation efforts. To make it a bit lighter – we all need positive things! – we have a special video suggestion.

Forest News #16

This month, we look into supertrees and nature-based solutions to combat climate change effects. Next, we discuss how financing mechanisms – and the different actors involved – are impacting the global push for restoration. We finish up with a recommended online tutorial and someone else’s reading list! Enjoy it!

Forest News #15

This month, we go back to the basics: what is reforestation? As the commitments for global restoration grow, which strategies exist and which potential problems lie ahead? What is technology bringing into the portfolio of techniques? And, as so many people live in cities, what is happening there? Enjoy the read and stay engaged.

Forest News #14

This month we look into the relationship between forests and water, and how agriculture (and agroforestry) can change into a tool for ecological restoration.
One of our recommended readings covers the beautiful Ethiopia church forests and the other goes deeper into regenerative agriculture. Enjoy the reading!