We closed our final funding round for 2023 and funded the planting of about 6’850 trees with 7 of our project partners around the world. We will report on the exact results, as the field work takes place in 2024. A big thank you to our partners for their work and dedication!

Something special: almost 1’700 of these trees were a direct choice by participants in our events in Switzerland! That’s a record for us!

On a smaller scale, our “Make it greener” project closed the year with nearly 140 trees planted in Switzerland. We are looking forward to new actions in 2024, re-greening cities with new partners and collaborators!

We have more exciting news in the pipeline for 2024! For now, we wish you all a great holiday season and a start of the new year. We look forward to a better 2024, filled with many new (and old) trees! 🌳

Join us, become a supporter, and let’s make these numbers grow in 2024!…