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This month: news from our network, tapping into big data and tackling gender equality issues in restoration. Enjoy the read!
This month we look at how forest restoration might benefit - but also be strongly challenged - by the current large-scale measures being proposed in the wake of the pandemic crisis. Do we risk missing the forest for the trees? We also take a quick look at the rewilding movement, before closing with a suggested online course. Read on!
Will the current pandemic change our relation to nature, society and the climate change discussion? This month we dive into some of the many aspects influenced by the current global crisis and possible implications in restoration and conservation efforts. To make it a bit lighter - we all need positive things! - we have a special video suggestion.
This month, we look into supertrees and nature-based solutions to combat climate change effects. Next, we discuss how financing mechanisms - and the different actors involved - are impacting the global push for restoration. We finish up with a recommended online tutorial and someone else's reading list! Enjoy it!
This month, we go back to the basics: what is reforestation? As the commitments for global restoration grow, which strategies exist and which potential problems lie ahead? What is technology bringing into the portfolio of techniques? And, as so many people live in cities, what is happening there? Enjoy the read and stay engaged.
This month we look into the relationship between forests and water, and how agriculture (and agroforestry) can change into a tool for ecological restoration. One of our recommended readings covers the beautiful Ethiopia church forests and the other goes deeper into regenerative agriculture. Enjoy the reading!
This month: a chinese app and 100million trees, how the "Global tree restoration potential" study ignited a global tree discussion (and why that's good), the role of technology in connecting people to restoration work, and why urban greening needs to be in the global toolbox.
Our October issue is dedicated to the current climate change discussion, how we might be at an important time in history and why we don't need to wait for tomorrow's technology to act today. Enjoy the reading!
On the July issue, we look into the recently calculated global tree restoration potential (900 million ha!) and some of the challenges that come with it. We follow with a critical look into the difficulties and failures in reducing deforestation in supply chain and finish with a suggested online course on managing terrestrial ecosystems. We'll be back in September, after the holidays!
Our June issue looks at the technical solutions being developed to tackle climate change, how their adoption strongly depends on economic aspects and why we need to keep the broader picture in mind. Since we're all about trees, we also announce two new project members, then go to agroforestry and the life-quality benefits of forests. Enjoy the reading!

Partnerships & Collaborations

sustinova logo

Sustinova is a non-profit organisation based in Zurich, Switzerland, and devoted to promoting Sustainability in the NGO area.

As a partner, Sustinova provides operational support to Reforestation World in its public activities.

ETH Zurich - Chair of Ecosystem Management

The Chair of Ecosystem management at the ETH Zürich organised the Latsis Symposium ETH 2018 “Scaling-up forest Restoration”, on June 6-7 & 9, 2018.

Reforestation World collaborated with the link to NGOs, practitioners and others stakeholders in the field of forest restoration.