Foundation Green Ethiopia

Ethiopia, Planting organisation
Active (last check July 2023)


Trees of hope

Key Figures

Over 9 million trees planted in 2022 alone, over 10'000 local people involved in production and planting

Over 9'500ha afforested since 2018

Over 45 million seedlings produced for planting since 2018, in 40 local nurseries

Type(s) of vegetation promoted:

Native Ethiopian species and some adapted foreign species, covering forest trees, fruit trees and ornamental trees, planted in different areas.

Local conditions:

Dry, 3 months rainy season


Full name: Foundation Green Ethiopia

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Contact details

+41 52 233 15 31

Foundation Green Ethiopia PO Box, CH-8405, Winterthur, Switzerland


A charitable Foundation, with the legal duty to:

  • help indigenous people in Ethiopia’s remote, rural areas to take their future into their own hands
  • sustainably enhance the living situation of the predominantly farming communities in the isolated regions of Ethiopia
  • fight soil erosion and the resulting insufficient harvests and consequences (malnutrition, hunger, poverty and dependence on foreign aid)