Association newTree

Agroforestry, Benin, Natural regeneration, Planting organisation
Active (last check July 2023)


Several projects: agrofrestry with natural regeneration and promotion of wood-efficient cooking stoves

Key Figures

10 000ha restored

Type(s) of vegetation promoted:

trees – grass – food crop (agroforestry)

Local conditions:

Semi dry – one rainy season for 3 months


Full name: Association newTree

Official links:

Homepage Projects (in German)

Contact details

+41 (0)31 312 83 14

Bollwerk 35, 3011 Bern, Switzerland


newTree is mainly active in Burkina Faso and works with rural farmers in the Sahel zone of Africa.

Local farmer families suffer from depleted soil, animal browsing damage, deforestation and changes in the climate. As a result, erosion, desertification and changes in the rainy season pattern are becoming big problems. newTree therefore supports the local farmers to build solid fences around depleted areas in order to protect the land from browsing damage and deforestation. Within the conservation areas and with the aid of various sustainable soil treatment methods a young forest develops, that regenerates and re-fertilizes the soil, improves the water absorption and water retention. With the products harvested from within these areas (hey, straw, nuts, fruits, honey, leaves, trimming wood etc.) the farmers regain food, forage for the animals, and excesses can be sold.

newTree offers courses, trainings and support for the local farmers in sustainable agroforestry, beekeeping, natural methods of tillage, building of improved stoves that need less wood, etc. newTree works with the local organisation tiipaalga in Burkina Faso. Employees are all local, except our project coordinator, Mrs Franziska Kaguembèga-Müller. There are only few internships with various assessment criteria.