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Is your organisation involved in reforestation or forest ecosystem restoration? Do you have an active, ongoing project that you would like to show to others and can you provide information about it? Then we would like to hear from you!

The process has no costs involved, but involves a detailed review by our team. Please read below for full details.

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Process overview

This form is only valid for projects that are already active on the field and have ongoing activities. If that is the case, please:

  1. Complete the form below to start the review process. You should receive an automatic confirmation of your submission on the e-mail address you provided.
  2. Based on the information provided, we start our review process. We look at the information in the form and what is publicly available (on official website(s), blog or social media channels). We also look for reports of activities and finances to better understand the project and organisation; if we do not find them, we contact you to discuss this.
  3. If the review is positive, your organisation will be added to our website as a network member and becomes eligible for support by Reforestation World. In addition to being published in our website, we will also announce it in our channels, at our events and other materials that we might produce.

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Please indicate the name of at least one ongoing project or area of work, together with a short description or reference to an online source or operational report(s). * We will make a selection, there is no need to provide a full listing of all projects.
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      Key figures

      This section provides an overview of your activities and results.
      Key metrics/results*
      Please list up to 5 of your main operational results and the corresponding time interval. You can use metrics such as: the nb of trees, ha or sq km planted/protected/restored, nb of communities or people involved, or any other metrics that you consider relevant. We will make a selection for presentation.
      Time interval
      Cost metrics*
      Please list up to 5 of your main cost metrics, such as cost/plant, cost/area, maintenance or care costs, per plant, area or time. Please detail what it refers to (e.g. cost per tree includes care and monitoring for 2years) and how often it is updated. We will make a selection for presentation and for our internal funding process.
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