In short interviews, our section “Voices” brings different perspectives from people with a long experience in restoring nature and creating a new balance with human activities in different parts of the world.

For Reforestation World, there is a particular interest in the intersection between efforts for the restoration of ecosystems (particularly reforestation activities), the promotion of sustainable land use and improved livelihoods of local communities.

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Urban green

Heinz Vögeli – EPI

Head of Real Estate – Swiss EPI

When green areas are seen as a added value: the perspective from a real estate manager on the integration of green areas with a long-term horizon in a large property in a prime location in Zurich.


Ecosystem services, Restoration

Robin Chazdon and Sarah Wilson

Forestoration International

Robin Chazdon and Sarah Wilson are two researchers with a long experience in ecological restoration and conservation. Their work links academia and practice across a wide range of ecosystems and human systems, keeping an holistic perspective on different approaches, opportunities and issues.


Amazing facts, Natural regeneration

Tony Rinaudo

Principal Advisor Natural Resources at World Vision Australia

The father of one of the most impactful reforestation techniques shares his decade-long experience on how to get farmer communities to succcessfully regrow – not plant – millions of trees.



Chris Reij

Senior Fellow at the World Resources Institute

Lessons from a top expert with several decades of experience on land restoration, in Africa and elsewhere, and a system-wide perspective on the topic.



Alex Rübel

Former Director of the Zoo Zürich

Learnings from the Zoo’s experience with reforestation efforts and community involvement in Madagascar.